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My thoughts On “United We Serve” and the VA

Well Kudos to Secretary Shinseki and other VA leadership for participating
in the United We Serve Campaign. The sentiment is appreciated but I
really think it misses the mark badly.

There is no time in my opinion for these frivolous community service
projects when Shinseki and company have so much work to do as they
preside over arguably one of the most broken government bureaucracies .

With the VA Claims System bogged down by their own rules regulations
and a a shortage of VA workers to process the claims, and with a
sprinkling of incompetence there is NO TIME for feel good photo ops.

If Duckworth and Shinseki want to Serve in Presidents Obama’s “United
We serve Campaign” I think they should start by addressing the hundreds
of thousands of claims that are languishing in the VA offices around
the country.

Maybe they could start processing claims themselves before they do
anything else.

Mr. Secretary let’s do the job you are paid to to do first before you
drive vets to their appointments, as noble a job that it is he should
not be doing it until there are no veterans waiting for their
compensation or pensions.

Just my thoughts on “United We Serve and the VA “

Sean Eagan
Chairman American Cold War Veterans Inc

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