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H Res. 900 in its Final Form

We were extremely disappointed that they removed the reference to a specific day, but in the end, we weren’t willing to give up on a 50% solution, just because we weren’t getting the 100% solution. We felt in this case that something was better than nothing.


What this resolution does get the veterans is Congressional recognition for the sacrifices made by them during the Cold War, and this now serves as a stepping stone to further legislation that will actually be a specified day on the calendar.

This is just a small incremental step to the final solution. That’s the way Congress works…. It’s a very rare thing when we can get huge revolutionary things done in one go. We have to compromise to get a small step in the right direction, and make more compromises further down the road to get further. In order to get the remaining 434 members to vote for it, the committee told us we would have to strip the reference to May 1. The good thing is, it was a unanimous vote. There is clearly support for this, in its current form, so hopefully in the future, we can get an exact day specified.

Page 1

H. Res. 900
In the House of Representatives, U. S.,

March 21, 2010.
Whereas the Cold War involved hundreds of military exercises
and operations that occurred between September 2, 1945,
and December 26, 1991;
Whereas millions of Americans valiantly stood watch as mem-
bers of the Armed Forces during the Cold War; and
Whereas many Americans sacrificed their lives during the
Cold War in the cause of defeating communism and pro-
moting world peace and stability: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the House of Representatives—
(1) honors the sacrifices and contributions made by
members of the Armed Forces during the Cold War; and
(2) encourages the people of the United States to
participate in local and national activities honoring the
sacrifices and contributions of those individuals.


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