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American Cold War Veterans – National Meeting 2010!/event.php?eid=351233208819

Date: April 28, 2010
Location: Senate Dirksen Building Room SD-G11
Time: 1:30PM-4:00PM

The April 28th general meeting is "open to anyone" interested in the Cold War, it's history, and our continued pursuit of a Cold War Service Medal. We will be on the Hill working to convince Congress to authorize and direct the Department of Defense to issue this award this year.

Scheduled speakers include:
*Dr. Lee Edwards; A Distinguished Fellow of the Heritage Foundation, Chairman of the Victims of Communism Museum, and author or editor of more than 20 books.

*Major Wulf Lindenau (RET); Senior Vice Commander General of the Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Reports concerning progress on authorization of a Cold War Service Medal, A National Day of Recognition for Cold War Veterans, and a memorial dedicated to Cold War Veterans.

We are also attempting to ensure equal treatment and rights for ALL veterans through the Veterans Administration, to reduce or eliminate section eight requirements.

At the conclusion of the general meeting we will regroup in Arlington National Cemetery (Section 34) to hold a memorial service for fallen heroes of the Cold War and place flowers on some of the graves of the Forgotten Heroes of the Cold War.

April 28th – Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery – 5:00PM

During the week we will be:

1. Storming Capitol Hill to convey the importance of this legislation and for it to be included in the National Defense Authorization Act 2011.

2. Do our best to persuade Congress to declare May 1st of every year as a Day Of Remembrance Of The Cold War and to recognize Cold War Veterans.


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