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Memorial Day 2010

Dear Sean,

What's more important: honoring the memory of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice or the winner of American Idol?

Memorial Day is right around the corner, but judging by what's being talked about on Facebook and Twitter, you might guess people are more interested in reality TV than in real heroes.

On Monday, everyone's thoughts should be focused on the men and women who gave their lives while defending our country. Can you take a minute to make Memorial Day the topic that everyone is talking about? Post a message to Twitter or Facebook or send an email to your friends and family asking them to honor the day's purpose.

Your message can be simple, but it's incredibly important: ask your friends and family to promise to reflect on the sacrifice and bravery of those who lost their lives while serving our country. Click here to get started.

You can also watch a great documentary on Arlington National Cemetery and find out more about what IAVA is doing on Memorial Day.

By spreading the word, you'll help us ensure that Monday's true meaning isn't lost during trips to the beach or BBQs. Click here and take a minute to help make sure Americans are talking about the real heroes.

Thank you for standing with us.



Paul Rieckhoff
Executive Director and Founder
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)


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