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Picture & Dinner Journal Listing with Donation


You have probably heard about our upcoming dinner on board the USS Intrepid with Monica Crowley this Monday, June 21st at 6:30pm….


….But did you know that even if you cannot join us on Monday, you can still support our candidates and help them go from "Citizen Soldiers to Citizen Statesmen"?


Simply make a contribution of $25 or more online today and we will list your name in the official Iraq Veterans for Congress Victory Dinner commemorative journal.


Complementary Picture!


As a thank you for your support of our veterans, we will also mail you a copy of the journal along with a picture of our Master of Ceremonies, Monica Crowley, and our platoon of 2010 IVC candidates who will be in attendance at the event.


This offer expires at 12:00pm ET Thursday, June 17th.


Be a part of history!  Make your $25 contribution today!


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