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Attention Cold War Vets A Message from Belladonna Productions About Divided the Movie

Belladonna Productions would first like to thank you for your commitment and
service to this country, especially during the Cold War. Our film DIVIDED,
by writer/director Michael Johnson, concerns the events that transpired in
Berlin during the Cold War, specifically during the first days of the
construction of the Berlin Wall. The film's events involve not just German
residents, but also American GIs stationed in West Berlin as well.

DIVIDED is the story of a love-triangle set in Berlin during the first days
of the Berlin Wall. During the overnight construction of the Berlin Wall, a
young woman makes it across the closing border, but her husband is left
behind in the east. The dilemma unfolds when she falls in love with the
American GI she enlists to bring her husband to the west.

Michael Johnson's father, in fact, was a GI stationed in West Germany and
met Michael's mother, a true Berliner, after she escaped to the West. The
film is inspired by Michael' story, and he himself lived all his childhood
in West Berlin shadowed by the wall. He has spoken to GIs and MPs and has
done extensive research on accounts by refugees that crossed the border
during this time. Many scenes in the film were inspired by real events.

We are spreading the word about the film to people, such as members of
blogs, communities, Facebook groups, etc.–those who may have ties or can
relate to the circumstances of those events then and those that followed.
We're encouraging people, residents and soldiers alike, to get involved by
posting and sharing stories, pictures, etc. on our Facebook fanpage
<>. Most
importantly, DIVIDED's website <> provides everyone with
a chance to truly get involved and contribute to the literal making of the
film by sponsoring frames for $14 each in return for all kinds of cool
rewards including a download of the film and invitations to gala screenings.
We are also looking for investors for the film.

DIVIDED is being produced by Linda Moran and Rene Bastian of Belladonna
Productions ("LIE", "Transamerica", "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints",
"Mulberry Street", "Funny Games"). The film is currently in development and
we are hoping to shoot the movie in Berlin later in early 2011.

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to share our film project
with, and we hope you'll want to get involved in our journey.


René Bastian and Linda Moran, Producers


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