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A Game Changer: Veterans Week 2010 Can a baseball game change your life?

A Game Changer: Veterans Week 2010
Can a baseball game change your life?

My name is Sherman Watson, Jr. I'm a three-tour Iraq veteran with the
Marine Corps, and a proud member of IAVA. I never guessed that setting
foot in Dodger Stadium last July would have such an impact on my life.

When I came home after my last tour, I had a tough time. I didn't want
to go out in public or face the realities of civilian life. But all
that changed when I joined over 500 fellow Iraq and Afghanistan
veterans at Dodger Stadium to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers play the
Florida Marlins.

For the first time since coming home, I found support, camaraderie and
a community of my fellow vets who have my back no matter what. Thanks
to IAVA, I got connected with new GI Bill resources, tips to navigate
the VA and mental health support. And I got my free tickets to that
game through The Rucksack, IAVA's online tool that connects new vets
with rewards.

This Veterans Week, I want to help as many vets as possible learn
about The Rucksack so they can experience what I did. Will you join

Text VETSMARCH to 69866 to be the first to know when you can join the
Veterans Week Online March on Facebook and show our nation's newest
generation of veterans that we've got their back.

March online with IAVA this Veterans Week so every single Iraq and
Afghanistan veteran can enjoy the benefits of The Rucksack – just like
I did.

Semper Fi.

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