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Should a War-Wounded Hero Face Hungry Holidays?

Dear Sean,

Give Thanks for Our Disabled Defenders

No one who sacrificed blood and health for America should be hungry or homeless during the holidays.

Lead the way for our disabled vets with your Thanksgiving gift of $25, $50 or $100 now.

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As you take stock of your many blessings this Thanksgiving, I hope America’s sick and injured veterans will hold a special place in your heart.

I’ll tell you, Sean, I’m truly grateful to you for the way you reach out to freedom’s disabled defenders through the DAV.

You understand how much they gave to keep us safe. Each and every day we enjoy the rights and the peace our veterans made possible — often through harrowing sacrifices.

The price has been terribly high for the men and women who have carried us through the last 10 years of war. Of the 2.2 million who’ve been deployed: 

•    1 in 3 suffers PTSD, while 1 in 5 faces a brain injury!
•    50,000 have suffered devastating eye injuries!
•    The number of amputees continues to rise!

So, even as I express my gratitude for your support, I must ask if saying "thank you for your service" is enough. Show your thanks and send a much-needed Thanksgiving gift in honor of your hero today.

Unemployment, poverty and homelessness will steal the holiday joy from too many veterans, Sean. Many American heroes and their families won’t even have enough to eat!

Through the DAV, your gratitude carries real assistance to disabled veterans and their families. So don’t delay … say thank you with your honorary gift of $25 … $50 … $100 or more to the DAV now!

Leading the Charge to
Thank Disabled Vets!


Arthur H. Wilson, National Adjutant
Disabled American Veterans

Sean P Eagan

Former Chairman American Cold War Veterans

Life Member Veterans of Foreign Wars
716 720-4000


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