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Tornadoes Tear Through Disabled Veterans’ Lives

Dear Sean,

Stricken Disabled Veteran Shares Thanks
Until a tornado leveled his home, it had been in this disabled veteran’s family since 1903.

Help DAV reach more heroes like George and make a gift to our Emergency Relief Fund today!

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Hideous destruction fell from the sky a week ago as 45 tornadoes swept across the midwest and the south.

Days later, disabled veterans still need help in the wake of the disaster. And DAV service officers are still combing the stricken areas, seeking them out.

Their tireless work is absolutely essential in the aftermath of the tragedy that killed dozens of people, injured hundreds, and wiped out whole towns.

To understand the impact of the DAV’s work – and your kindness – listen to what one disabled veteran has to say as he stands in front of his ruined home.

It is a time of terrible need for veterans and families who have already suffered so much, Sean.

Please act on behalf of disabled veterans stricken by disaster as you give $25 . . . $50 . . . $100 or more to the DAV Emergency Relief Fund now!

Offering Help in a Time of Crisis!


Arthur H. Wilson, National Adjutant
Disabled American Veterans


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