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Letter to ACWV Forum

Hello Gentlemen,

I am looking forward to our May 1st meeting in D.C. We as Members need to stay focused on the goals of this organization. We have

established a tradition of meeting and visiting our respective representatives in House and Senate offices every year on this date. I think it is

important we maintain our presence there as well as our ceremony at Arlington.

In May of 2010 I asked to be removed from the Board due to health and time issues. In the last year I have recharged my batteries taking

a hiatus from my blog for 3 months for a time from ACWV activities for the first time in 5 years. Current members might well understand the

reason why it is necessary to take a break and refocus to prevent burning out. I sit here today on the eve of our meeting in Washington

D.C. renewed with a new enthusiasm and vigor ready to work for our cause. It is why I have asked the leadership at ACWV Inc. to

reinstate me as a Board Member.

As far as the Cold War Salute Project goes there are some real questions that have to be asked about our contractual relationship if any ,

liability, tax concerns are just to name a few. Any of our Members especially Board Members involved directly or indirectly in this project may

not be appropriate as it may open us up to litigation and tax problems. I think if we donate or sponsor part of the ride as a group it is more

appropriate and we should insulate ourselves from the a fore mentioned possible pitfalls. Well that’s my take on that. looking forward to

seeing those of you who will be there in D. C.


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