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A New Solution to Combat PTSD:

Online Meditation, Yoga, and Other Alternative Therapies

For any Veteran who has ever experienced the symptoms of PTSD, you know just how debilitating and overwhelming this condition can be. However, treatments like support groups, relaxation/meditation training, and yoga have been proven to help Veterans take control of PTSD and overcome many of its symptoms.

A new online service has been created so that Veterans can take these types of therapies online, from wherever they have an Internet connection. Learn It Live is an online learning website that connects people to experts in various subjects. Learn It Live’s Veteran Program specializes in online learning programs that connect veterans to thousands of experts in all sorts of health and wellness specialties. Hailing from all corners of the globe, these experts are experienced in providing health and wellness counseling, meditation therapy and PTSD mentoring.

All learning occurs at Learn It Live’s online learning platform, which harnesses the power of the Internet to bring the classroom directly to a computer screens. So learners can feel comfortable taking a class from the convenience and privacy of their home.
Some program areas include:

Health and Wellness Classes
From stopping smoking to eating healthier, there’s a whole range of classes available to Veterans:
Browse the Health and Wellness Classes for more details.

*Note: for special Veteran discounts, contact info. Most classes are offered free of charge to Veterans.

Meditation and Stress-Relieving Practices:
Browse the Online Meditation and Stress-Relieving Classes.
Studies have shown the benefits of meditation for veterans with PTSD. Veterans who learn and practice meditative techniques, such as transcendental meditation (TD), report significant reductions in depression and anxiety along with improved communication skills and better sleep quality. As with yoga, meditation and other stress-relieving practices work extremely well in conjunction with traditional PTSD therapies.

Veterans will find numerous classes within Learn It Live’s Veteran Program designed to help them learn to reduce stress, clear and focus their mind, and manifest positive change in their lives. Learn It Live’s experts in the industry lead each class utilizing video-conferencing technology to facilitate real-time interaction with participants. Learn It Live records classes as well, enabling veterans to review and practice what they’ve learned.

Browse the Online Yoga Classes.
Studies have also shown that veterans with PTSD who practice yoga report better sleep quality, improved focus and concentration, less anger and irritability, and an overall greater ability to enjoy life in the present moment. In conjunction with traditional therapies, researchers have found yoga to be helpful in enabling veterans to reach a relaxed state of mind. This enhances their ability to engage fully in evidence-based psychotherapy treatment. Learn It Live offers a variety of yoga classes suitable for veteran participation. Expert instructors interact with class participants using video-conferencing technology, teaching yoga fundamentals in a virtual, real-time classroom. Some of the world’s best yoga teachers are among Learn It Live’s experts, including Beryl Birch (, author of “Finding Peace,” a yoga and meditation guide for veterans.

Learn It Live’s mission is to help connect Veterans to the classes and therapy sessions that can help them thrive in their lives and careers. For any questions or recommendations about any of these programs, please contact info.



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