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Message from VFW Adjutant General

Allen 'Gunner' Kent Sean,

The pace isn't going to let up.

We’re so glad to have so many veterans back home. But the huge VA workload isn’t going to resolve itself overnight …

The average wait on a new VA benefits claim is eight months.

This is just one of the reasons I need you to help out with a gift to VFW.

Donate Now

I’ve heard from a lot of VFW members, Sean, but I haven’t heard from you.

Any amount you can give today will help veterans of all conflicts get the hand up they need from VFW.

We have 267 VFW service officers on the ground helping veterans get what they’ve earned. We’re also offering emergency aid to military families who are in a bad way. And we’re keeping those still fighting connected with home.

Our goal is simple. As long as even one struggling comrade needs us, we’re going to be there.

We need the support of every member to make this happen.

Please let me hear from you before Independence Day. I’m counting on you.


Allen "Gunner" Ken


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